Top 5 Best Mp3 Apps for Android – Free Download

Best Mp3 Apps for Android: Most of us love listening to music, singing the songs along with it and dancing to beat. Today, smartphones have created a revolution in the technology, replacing the mp3 Players or portable music devices. The users for both these devices have decreased very drastically over the last few years.

Best MP3 Apps for Android
Best MP3 Apps for Android

With mobile networks started providing high speed internet and the availability of cheap Wi-Fi connections to the home users, there is a huge increase in the smartphone users who listen to internet music from their mobile apps. Back in times, we used to download mp3 music on our personal computer then transfer them to the phone. But now, we can download songs from the internet directly to our mobile phones.

To make this task easier, Google play store market is coming up with apps that allow search for your favorite songs and download them.

Top 5 Best Mp3 Apps for Android:

Here you go. Check out these free mp3 android apps which allow to download Music and Mp3 songs on your Android for free of cost.

1.Music Maniac

Music Maniac is one of the top rated free mp3 downloader app available on Google play store. With this free music app, one can download a huge database of MP3 songs from its public search engine. You can play and listen to your favorite songs online as well. The app is simple but does what it should do. The audio quality of the songs is also very good.

2.Tunee Music app

If you are the person who is looking for a Copyright Music to listen and download, then Tunee Music app is the perfect solution. It’s been a long time that I found a best mp3 downloader for Android that provides a minimum standard audio quality. I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered Tunee Music. I haven’t noticed any fake song. The sound quality is pretty good.

Best Mp3 App - Tunee Music App
Best Mp3 App -Tunee Music App


3.Music Download Paradise Mp3

This app also lets users to search for the Copyrighted MP3 music and download them on their Android mobile devices. Music Download Paradise Mp3 app has got a simple UI design, but does a great job when it comes to functionality. Though downloading might take longer with this app, you never get disappointed with this app when it comes to songs availability. You always get the song you needed. The app also comes with a free music player and a music download manager that supports multiple downloads simultaneously.

4.Advanced Download Manager

Though this is a download manager app which allows to organize and download files, the in-app browser lets users search for mp3 and mp4 files on the internet. Once you find the right track, it’s very much easy to download music.

Top 5 Mp3 App - Advanced Download Manager
Top 5 Mp3 App – Advanced Download Manager


5.GTunes Music

GTunes Music App has a simple user interface to search, download and play millions of free and copyrighted quality MP3 audio on public domains, such as,, and so on. This app also allows us to create your own favorite ringtones and assign them to contacts.

GTunes Music - Best Mp3 App for Android
GTunes Music – Best Mp3 App for Android



Free Mp3 Download Sites – Best Music Download Websites

Free Mp3 Download Sites: There was a time when to listen music you had to carry a radio with you or a walkman. You had to insert cassettes in a player to listen to songs. After that DVD player came into existence and you could play using CD’s but the thing is you cannot carry them everywhere. They are not portable. Also, the collection was not huge, you would have to buy CDs with a limited number of songs.

With the internet, you can now listen to songs online, regardless of the time period, you can look for any song even if it was released a century ago. You can not just listen to them but download them on various devices to listen to them offline.You can listen to songs in any language. Since we all know that music has no language. It’s not shocking to know that many people have interest in music from another country or culture.

Free Mp3 Download Sites
Free Mp3 Download Sites

There are hundreds of sites now on internet that allow you to download songs but here we have shortlisted some for you.

Here is a list of sites that allow you to download music online:-

  1. Mp3base

This site has made a new entry into the market and since it’s new, it ensures you all the features that you might be looking for and the features that some old sites are unable to provide. This site is absolutely free. The songs are categorised into three sections-top albums, top songs and top artists. Also, you can find the latest songs at the bottom on the homepage of the site. You just need one click, and the song will start downloading on your device.  The songs can be easily browsed on this site. You can view the songs in an alphabetical order too.

mp3base is a best free mp3 website


  1. Mp3juices

You can literally look for any song you want on this site. You will have to type the name of your desired song in the search bar using the artist’s name or the song’s name or even album’s name. Top results will be shown to you. You can either choose to download the song or play it online. If you want to check if the song you want is right, just play it before downloading. After you click on download, you will be asked if you want to download the mp3 or mp4. Go with your wants. This site is free of cost.

  1. Epitonic

The site allows you to create your own playlist and even share it with your friends through social networking sites. This site also provides you features that other sites are providing. You can download unlimited songs according to your wish. The interface is simple. The name sounds cool too, right? It’s also a new website compared to others.

Epitonic – Top mp3 website
  1. BeeMp3s

This site is extremely popular and is favourite of many song lovers. The site has one of the largest music libraries which you can browse through and look for your favourite songs. Type the song in the search box and the top results will be displayed. You can use filters. You can filter the songs using various different criterias such as length of the song, file, covers of the songs, remixed versions and much more. Sounds very interesting. Also, you can see songs that are related to the song you are looking for, with the same genre. You can have a look at the bit rate too.

  1. Mp3Skull

This one is another favourite site of people and equally popular too. User-friendly interface of the site has attracted many users. Unlike many sites like soundcloud, this site allows you to play and download unlimited number of songs. There are no such restrictions. You can download the songs for free. You can search for any genre, song, album or for a particular artist. The right hand side column shows you the popular searches, latest songs etc. just so that you are updated with the new songs. Before the download, the size of the file and the length are provided for your convenience. Also, you can make them your ringtones.

 mp3 skull
Best Mp3 Websites – mp3skull 
  1. Mp3Raid

This site has the most powerful search engine which allows you to search for any song you desire. This is one of the most successful sites out there on the internet. You can look up for a song using the genre, song, artist name or any such information. You can play the song and confirm before downloading it onto your devices instead of regretting because of the data you wasted on the wrong song. If you look up for a particular genre, the engine will generate the most popular songs of that genre. This site is free.

  1. Mp3box

This is a free mp3 music download site. It allows you to stream music online. You needn’t register to look for songs and download them. Without registering, you can take advantage of this free website. Alike the websites mentioned above, this allows you to download unlimited songs of any genre. After you find the song you were looking for, you will be given all the details of that song and the album.


Free Mp3 Download Sites – mp3box
  1. Mp3Viper

This site is really huge. Put together mp3skull and beemp3. This site allows you to search for any song and obviously it has the largest music library out there. Not to mention, it is free of cost. The interface is simple and this site is extremely popular. If you want, you can look up on the internet for the reviews.

Best Mp3 Download Site – mp3viper

So, here are some of the best sites that allow you to download music for free. Music that connects the world! Also, we suggest you to have an antivirus software on your computer, just in case, virus enters your computer through these sites.


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